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Original price was: ৳ 250,000.Current price is: ৳ 200,000.


PANASONIC Sliding Door Operator: we Import Japanese PANASONIC Automatic Sliding Door. Reliable operator can give you best performance and a good life cycle & Smooth operation.ย All [โ€ฆ]


PANASONIC Sliding Door Operator:

we Import Japanese PANASONIC Automatic Sliding Door. Reliable operator can give you best performance and a good life cycle & Smooth operation.ย All the parts of the operator are very efficient and very reliable.

This door can operate by Sensor and Access Control System- RFID, Finger print, Face detection.

Brand:ย Panasonic
Model :ย H3
Name:ย Panasonic automatic sliding door- H3
Brand Origin: JAPAN

PANASONIC Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door:

Operator Details:

Brand:ย Panasonic
Model :ย H3
Name:ย Panasonic automatic sliding door- H3
Brand Origin:ย JAPAN
Door weight max.: 1x90kg, 2x90kg
Door Width: 540-1205mm
Opening speed: 14-37cm/s (Adjustable)
Closing speed: 9-35cm/s (Adjustable)
Open duration: 0~9s (Adjustable)
Manual opening force when power failure: 30.3N (90kg),63.3N(90kg)
Ambient temperature: -20โ„ƒ~+50โ„ƒ
Voltage: AC 200~250V 50/60Hz

PANASONIC Automatic Sliding Sensor Doorย System or Access control doors provides flexibility and comfort entry access to enter without touch door.ย Automatic Sensor Doorย for simple and quick access without contact with it. We have wide range of products & will find the right entry solution for your building, whether it is office, house or commercial area. Some time it looks that automatic sliding door system price is very expensive, but we are giving this at reasonable price for you. Sinceย Panasonic Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Doorย can use without the use of hands, they offer convenience to everyone even with baggage in each arm or holding a cart. Automated sliding doors are commonly used at high traffic locations like commercial components, hotels and group locations to show care and good customer assistance.



Safety Detection:ย This smart sensor sliding door will provide the best security no doubt. There is an option of automatic stop for resistance during opening gate, also has automatic reverse for resistance during closing gate which ensures the best security system to use.

Brush less Motor:ย This automatic door solution made with quality DC24v motor. Itโ€™s the design of integrated mechanic and electric structure streamline fashionable outline.

Optional Device:ย Our Automatic Sensor door can integrate withย  different types of optional device like- Photocell Safety Barrier, Remote Control, Functional Switch.

UPS (Battery Beck-up):ย We have optional Battery Beck-up system to keep run the door even after power failure approx 200 times.

Application:ย Automatic motion sensor Sliding Glass Door is a perfect & smart entrance solution for Hospitals, Airports, Retail Centers, Pharmacies, Hotels, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Sporting Goods Stores And more.

How Sensor Door Works:ย Sensor run by Brush less motor and open by sensor or access control or remote controller.

Automatic Sensor Door Price:ย We supply door operator with low & best price.

Access Control Sliding Glass Door:ย Panasonic Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door can use by Access control device like Finger print, RFID Card, Face Detection & Remote control.

Where we supply:ย We supply Panasonic Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door all over the Bangladesh, in BD, in Dhaka, in chattogram, in Sylhet, in Rajsahi

Features of Sliding Door Operating System:

  • Advance smart door technology
  • Microcomputer intelligent control with self-learning function and advanced mechanical configuration.
  • Work at a wide range of power, low power consumption, energy saving standby mode.
  • Advance brush-less motor and quick in speed up and down.
  • Microwave motion sensors ensure safe passage
  • When power is off, can choose the backup battery to keep the door in normal operation.
  • In case of power failure, all of the programmed parameters remain in the computerโ€™s memory, if the door is not locked the door can be operated manually.
  • Remote control and function keypad with five different functions ; always open, half open, exit only, lock, normal open.
  • Good solution for accessories: for example finger printer, remote control, push button, access keypad, security sensor, fire alarm and so on.
  • Suitable for market, showroom, offices, shops, cafes and clubs.

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